Friday, December 30, 2016

This is Life: An Update

Well hello, my long lost blog!

Once upon a time, back in August, I had "committed" to posting a day-by-day update of our family trip to the Black we are on December 30th, with no "Day 2" update in sight.


Also, once upon a time, I used to blog EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Like, EVERY DAY. Sometimes more than once a day and now I go for nearly 5 months without so much as a photo or a "hello" or anything?! Ugh.

Here is the Cliffs Notes version of our Black Hills trip:
Wildlife loop, Crazy Horse, Rushmore at night. Rushmore at night? AMAZING. Must do. Bring Kleenex. Wildlife loop was a highlight...we saw buffalo fighting near the road. Fun (and a bit frightening) to watch! Another highlight, Cosmos...just a cool, freaky, slighly nauseating place to be! We toured Jewel Cave (super cool) and discovered our fun little waterfall find from our last trip (Thunderhead Falls) was closed. Bizarre...and kind of creepy. Stayed at Rushmore Shadows again and the kids LOVED swimming and playing mini golf. OH...and Reptile Gardens! And some other things I'm forgetting.

In other news: my family is growing up before my eyes and it is making me long for the days of temper tantrums and sleepless nights. My middle boy has changed SO MUCH in the last year, it is hard to comprehend! We have a high schooler now, too. And only one left in elementary school. Sweet, young mamas, hold those babies tight...soon you will look at them and they will be big, blossoming young adults getting ready to spread their wings...and if you're like me, you won't be ready for it.

Currently, we are down with the plague. My girls had 102º fevers for a couple of days, and now my middle kiddo has droopy eyes and a 101º temp...and yet he "feels fine". Or so he says.

Christmas break is going way too fast...WAY too fast. I'm longing for a snowstorm. 

Christmas was amazing, as always, but again...WAY TOO FAST. Christmas is never long enough for me...I love the warmth and the happiness and the generosity of the season.

And with that...I'm out!

Happy New Year!!

Mama M.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Black Hills 2016...Day 1

As y'all know from my last post, we recently spent some time in the Black Hills. What you might not know, is that while we were there, I realized that blogging is such a great way to document memories! So, while this may bore you a bit, for posterity's sake, here goes my "journaling" of our time in the Black Hills.

After we drove for what felt like 13 thousand hours, we FINALLY arrived in the approximately the hottest minute of the hottest hour of the hottest day in FOREVER. 102 degrees. 

Can I tell you a little something about being in the Badlands on a 102 degree day? 


So. Freaking. Hot.

I think I might have actually been melting at one point.

Let me tell you a little something else...after driving for 13 thousand hours and arriving in brick oven set at a bajillion degrees, one does not feel much like strolling around, taking in the scenes. The badlands sight seeing went something like this:

Family: "OOOOOH, let's go over here and look!"
Me: "Blergh."
Family: "OOOOOOH, let's hike over there!"
Me: "Blah."
Family: "OOOOOOOH, let's climb up that giant rock wall!"
Me: "Ugh."
Family: "OOOOOOOH, let's get out here and hike some more!"
Me: "So help me if you stop this vehicle one more time I will melt, MELT, into the rock and become a part of the Badlands forever and EVER!! DO YOU WANT THAT ON YOUR HEAD?!"

We didn't stop much after that.

BUT, we drove through and enjoyed the Badlands from the comfort of our air conditioned vehicle. 

Photo cried to my teenage daughter...because my phone has ZERO storage left.

And then, we stopped in the Mecca of souvenir shops...Wall Drug. That place is a tourist trap of junky delight. So. many. souvenirs. And, I bought a selfie stick...'cuz what self(ie)-respecting mother doesn't have a selfie stick on her family vacation? Shame on you if you don't. *Ahem* (Yes, I felt like a dork buying it but honestly? It came in handy!)

We pulled into our campsite at about 8pm and we settled in for a delicious supper of pepperoni roll-ups.

And that, my friends, wraps up Day 1!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Black Hills: Second Edition

Well, hello my long lost've you been?! I've missed you...and apparently, so has my family!

We just returned from a vacation to the Black Hills, during which my Baby Girl said, "Mama, you should blog again." How the heck can I deny that?! ;)

While I'm getting warmed up with my blogging skills again, let's start with a couple of pictures from our vacation. (Oh! And, I Instagrammed a bunch of pics also, with the hashtag #blackhillssecondedition, if you wanna check it out!)

Here we are, all packed up and about to take off...we JUST missed a big thunderstorm, which (thankfully) held off so kindly until we had finished packing and were pulling out of the driveway!

We did the quarter trick again this time (see details here) and I love that one of my boys snapped this picture with my iPad from the back seat.

This was the temperature when we reached the Badlands. Good golly...let me tell you that when the temperature reaches this and there is no wind and you are in the Badlands...well, it kinda feels like you're being baked to death. Like, now I know what food feels like inside a Dutch Oven. Holy heck, was it hot.

Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and stop there and see how this whole thing turns out. I'm so rusty with blogging, I want to make sure I'm doing it right!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Stitch Fix Review: 5.0 and 6.0

Long time no see, eh?!

So, let's talk Stitch Fix. I was IN LOVE with it when I put it on hold back in November. I dreamed of my next fix and the beauties I would receive, so when I was faced with a wardrobe debacle for an event I was helping to plan, I did what any good and level headed woman would do...I moved up my "Birthday Fix" to accommodate my need for something to wear to the "Big Event". I asked for "cute and trendy" and as soon as I got that email that sends thrills to every Stitch Fix addict ("Your Stitch Fix is On Its Way!") I peeked at what was coming as quickly as I could...and was met with a deep and painful disappointment. BUT, I tried keeping an open mind, knowing that some fixes look disappointing on paper but turn out to be pretty amazing in person. Well, let's just say my disappointment was warranted. That fix was a total bust (I mean, c' can a sweater named "Klyde" ever have a chance?!). I don't even have any pictures from that fix, I was that disappointed in it (but Google "Klyde sweater", just so you can have a good laugh, too). 

So, of course I scheduled myself a "redo" fix...brushing up my note and trying not to be too vague with my requests (heck, I even took it to Facebook to ask the Sticth Fix group their thoughts on my note). What transpired was a fix that was slightly better than the previous one, but still not great. Here is what I received:

My stylist suggested this pairing. Um. No. Scarf: Sammie...just okay, but bulky and made me feel a bit claustrophobic.
Pants: Liverpool...great. Awesome. Fab. BUT...I received a Maurice's pair that were, essentially, identical to these, for Christmas (and a fraction of the cost).
Sweater: Does it matter? Gross. After my comments/feedback regarding the ill fated Klyde from the prior fix, I was sad to receive Klyde's evil twin. Itchy. Blocky. Not at all my style.

Shirt: Papermoon. Nice. Probably my second fave...but a little too flowy for my taste. After gestating 5 children, I have developed an aversion to "flowy", as I lived in maternity clothing for a lot of months of my life. But I found someone who loved it and so, she is happy about her shirt and I'm happy that I didn't lose my styling fee. Win/win.

Cardigan: 41Hawthorn. Just...meh. Color was nice, different from my usual, but the material was kind of cheap and the arms hung weird and it was just not something I loved. 

And so, that made 2 "oh for fives" in a row...and thus, my infatuation with Sticth Fix has come to a bitter end. I'm grateful for them pushing me to step outside my box and discovering that I can, indeed, dress myself with some fun finds. Thankfully, our local mall has some cute boutique-y stores that have a plethora of fun, trendy, funky finds!

Stitch Fix, it's been fun, but we're done for awhile. Time for a break. It's not you, it's me...can we still be friends?


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