Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Night 5QF Sneak Peek!!

Looking forward to the weekend!! I'm hoping to do a photoshoot of a co-worker's newborn baby, just for my very own practice! I am LOVING this photography bug that I've been bitten by, and I would LOVE to turn it into more than a hobby!!

Anyway...I'll be sure to get her permission to post some pics! I'm so excited!!

My hubs is hosting the Bachelor party half of the wedding couple of whom I attended the Bachelorette party and refused to ride the mechanical bull. (I know that probably only makes sense to those of you that follow me on Twitter!!) Dang...that thing is hilarious!

Let's get on with the preview!!

Reminder: This post is JUST the preview post! Your chance to nab the questions ahead of time and get your post ready for the morning linky!!

Rules for Five Question Friday: Have fun!! That's most important...but, you'll need to copy and paste the following questions to your blog, answer them, then watch for the linky to appear Friday morning!

Questions for Friday, OCTOBER???? 1st: (Special thanks to Amanda, Colleen [no blog], Sandy, Bethany, and [inspiration from] Kelly for their question suggestions!! If YOU want to be linked in a future 5QF, c'mon over to my community and offer up your best question suggestions! And, we could really use some new ones, btw.) ;)

1. Did you have a pen pal when you were little (or now)? Where were/are they from?

2. If you could do a different job for one day, what would it be?

3. Do you remember your biggest fear from when you were little?

4. What do you think is a waste of time? Why?

5. What is the oldest item you have in your closet?


See right back here, bright and early, in the morning!!

Calling Out Anonymous Naysayers.

I've gotta gripe. A big, fat, major gripe...wanna know what it is?

Anonymous Naysayers.

I don't understand the concept, the reason, or the logic behind posting a negative comment anonymously. What, exactly, are you afraid of?

I wrote a couple of posts last week that stirred up some controversy. Here are a couple of comments. (I posted the other one here.)

Anonymous said...

  • I am a mother who has children in their 20's- all are successful, happy, independent children- an actor, a doctor, and a college senior headed to law school. This debate has been going on for years and really needs to stop providing divisions between working moms and stay at home moms. I had my own business and yet was there for my children before and after school, volunteered at their schools and had family meals together. My husband and I worked together as a team to make this work for all. There is no " better " "right way" . Each family needs to figure it out for themselves and needs the support of the "village" so we can all use our strengths and talents to make us all- moms, dads, children and families stronger. I had hoped this type of discussion was behind us and that we were all a little more enlightened about the value of choice and opportunity for all.

Anonymous said...

  • Wow. I am not sure where to with this. You can be a crappy mom who stays home with her kids and you can be a crappy mom who works. And do you honestly think that most working mothers are some sort of feminazi's that want their children to struggle?

I am one of 5 kids. My mom stayed home while us older 3 were growing up. By the time, the younger two came (several years later), she had to work once they were 5. Money was tight,there were 5 kids, and health insurance cost a crazy amount for a family of 7. (my Dad was afarmer).
I see good and bad things about both the way that I was raised and the way my younger sisters were raised. I appreciate the sacrifices that they made for all of us.

Of course, one of the things that could help people like you who are preaching this type of thing, is healthcare reform, which you oppose. Seems kind of stupid to me. Logic is a good thing.

Now, the second commenter could have had some valid arguments in there, but instead, decided to throw in the snark. The "feminazis wanting their kids to struggle" and the whole healthcare thing. I viewed his/her comment as weightless.

No name = no validity.

And as for the first commenter...I think he/she spun my words. First of all...REMEMBER, I AM A WORKING MOM!!!

If a person can not write a comment and stand behind their words with their name (notice that I said "THEIR" name, whether their blogging pseudonym or their real name...not a fake, made up name for blog bashing) then I strongly feel that the comment should not be posted.

I liken it to real life...if we met face to face, and you couldn't say your comment directly to me without, say, wearing a gorilla mask, then it probably shouldn't be said. If you find some sort of "strength" or "courage" when you hide behind a computer screen and your "anonymity", then it is false strength or courage.

Please, please, please...if you can't be respectful in your disagreement, don't post anonymously...just don't post at all. There is NOTHING wrong with not agreeing...but there is everything wrong with being snarky and disrespectful because you feel some sort of false security when posting "anonymously".

Next time, just find different words to get your point across...kind words, respectful words...and proudly sign your name.

"My mama always taught me, if you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at alllll."
-Bambi's friend, Flower


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Notes from a Hairless Mother.

Because I like to help people out...and prevent anyone from taking any missteps along the road of life...I enjoy sharing newly gleaned knowledge with all y'all. (Yes, I know I'm from MinneSOOOOta...but once upon a time, I was granted permission from a Southerner to say "y'all", and so I do.)

Friends, my tips for a pool party with 9 year old girls:

1. Don't do it.

2. If you do not heed tip #1...limit yourself to a 10 minute party.

3. Trust me when I say 4 hours is too long.

4. Don't do it.

5. Make sure your daughter invites herself. And you. And that's it.

6. You know, on second thought, disregard tip #2...10 minutes is entirely too long.

7. Bring ear plugs. I didn't. What? WHAT? Speak louder...I can't hear you!!!

8. Restrain your arms at your sides...if you don't, you risk pulling out all of your hair.

9. Downside to tip#9 is that if someone goes down...they're on their own. Restrained arms are not helpful in CPR.

10. Try not to cry when it's over. Yes, I know you'll be happy...but it'll look bad to the other parents.

11. Apologize to your parents for any pool parties you had as a child. Don't be offended when they aren't at all sympathetic to your woes.

Listen to me when I tell you this. If you do not, you are risking your hair, your hearing and your sanity.

I am left with nothing left of those.

Oh boy.

Or, I guess what I mean is: "Oh girl, oh girl, oh girl, oh girl, girl, girl, girl, girl!!!"

Yes. Girl x 8. It's what I'm doing this afternoon. The Belle is having her "Friend Birthday Party"...which means I will be the sole guardian of 8 little girls, at a hotel pool, for 4 hours. When I spoke with one of the mom's and told her the times I was planning, she said, "Oh. REALLY? Are you sure you want them that long?!"

And I panicked. I started stuttering and stammering, "Wha'? Well...what??? Do you think that's too long?! You've done it before, am I gonna go crazy?????"

Then she tried to cover her tracks..."Oh, only 4 hours? Well, I'm sure it'll be fine." I really think she meant this: "Muwahahahahaha!!! You poor unsuspecting sap!! Good luck to YOU!!!! They'll eat you aliiiiiivvvvveeeeee!!!!"

So, now I'm nervous. And unprepared. I think I was trying to pretend I really wasn't gonna do it, or something.

*squeak* Help.

Please...pray for me, wish me luck, cross your fingers, rub my head...anything. In case you are wondering what I'm afraid of, let me list them out for you:
  • Losing my hearing from all of the shrieking.
  • Afraid of suddenly speaking 9 year old "valley girl" speak. "Like, oh my gosh!!"
  • Losing my mind.
  • Losing my hearing.
  • Losing my sanity.
  • Tearing out my hair.
  • Drowning myself in whiskey.
  • Losing my hearing.
And that's my short list.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I won!! I won!!!

I won!

I'm the winner of Sami's RAW(e) "Smiles and Laughter" challenge!! This photo...this photo that makes my heart the winning photo!!

Now...*gulp* I've gotta pick the next winner! Yikes!

Have you ever had a dream...

A desire. A, almost, need to do something?

But, been too afraid to take the leap. To make the plunge.

Too afraid of failure. Of rejection?

Money holding you back...uncertainties about how to forge ahead, how to make it work?

Me too.

And, someday...I hope I can see this dream come to fruition.

Someday soon!!

Lyme's Disease.

It's out there.

Our dog has it.

Our Hambone had a nasty infection on his scalp last summer, and was treated for it.

My hubby pulled off a nasty tick Sunday...then showed me the area he pulled it from. Nasty. Red, scabbed, bruised looking center. Certainly NOT "bull's eye"...but definitely not pretty.

I told him he needed to see a doctor on Monday. He said (scoffing), "I'm NOT going to the doctor."

And that's when I got mean: "WHAT!!! Yes, you are. WHY wouldn't you? It would be pure stupidity if you didn't go." When I called him Monday morning...he still hadn't made an appointment, so I did it for him.

He went...and basically got it handed to him.


The PA he saw treated him for Lyme's disease with a standard one time dose of doxycycline.

Then, he went to the pharmacy, and got taken into the back room...where the pharmacist talked to him with such sincerity and honesty, that I think he actually opened up my husband's eyes as to how serious this can be.

He (the pharmacist) is being treated for Lyme's himself, he told my husband just how miserable it is, how serious it should be taken, that he is definitely on the right med, and that if ANY symptoms show go back in.

I'm glad someone else let him have it about NOT brushing this off!

So, now we wait and watch. And I sit here saying, "I told ya so."

Monday, September 27, 2010

Feels so good...

Whoa. Wait...get your head out of the gutter! I'm just talking about "feel good" feelings!!

Three weeks ago, I was a crazy, PMS consumed, prednisone ruled lunatic. It was bad. For a girl who is normally cool as a cucumber, mellow, emotionally stable...feeling like a crazed, psycho, insane, emotionally unstable person was totally out of my box.

Looking back, I think it was a culmination of a whirlwind last month of summer starting with when our home became the resting place for a giant old oak tree, added to a vacation that cost more than we were anticipating, a weekend of busy running, back-to-school readiness, the Mr. leaving the country (which we couldn't afford because of the first two aforementioned things), then getting hit with Aunt Flo and a prednisone burst on the same day, in addition to some other stressors.

Really...I can see why I became crazy.

I have given my husband strict instructions that if I am ever in a life and death situation, and the only thing that will save me is let me die.

Arrrrggghhhhhh!! It was awful.

BUT!!! I am seein' the light!! I just realized, the other day, that "man alive!! I feel great!" And, I like feeling great! This is definitely more my cup of tea that the doom and gloom that was consuming my every thought and action a couple of weeks ago!

Friends...Mama's back...

And, it feels so good!

I wanted...

Really, really...


To take some amazing fall photos of my kiddos.

Only they don't work so well together.

We really need to work on team work in this family. When mama says, "Okay, everybody look here and smile!!" it would be great to actually have everybody look here and smile.

Such is life.

And, somebody's p.o'd:

These, however...I'm quite certain that I love. Or, at least like a lot!

Oops! How'd that one sneak in there? Oh, yeah...I said "some of the one's I love"! That's riiiiight.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Whew!! It sure is late for a Date!

Was dead tired earlier...then, like seems to be the pattern, 11:30 hits and I'm all bright eyed and bushy tailed! So, while I was going to wait to post our Date of the Week, tomorrow...I'm doin' it now!

Rebelling against my own rules.

Busy, bachelorette party (for which I forgot my camera), work, birthday party (for which I remembered my camera), drooling over the new Nikon D7000 and trying to figure out how on earth I'm gonna get my hands it.

Dear God: I'm not opposed to money growing on trees. Or large windfalls of money. Or, heck, just drop a Nikon D7000 out of the sky and onto my head and I'll be happy as a clam.

I've got an "official" title for the upcoming wedding of my BIL and his fiancee...I am (drum roll please...) the "Candid Photographer"! I love having official titles...and I am soooooo excited to have a reason to snap gobs of photos of everyone and hone my skills!!

Hence, the coveting of the D7K...maybe I'll just rent a camera for the night.

Yikes...I've gotta stop ramblin' and get this Date going!!

I'd like to take this time to introduce Karla, from:

Ramblin' Roads

I am a cherished wife, blessed mother of two, and an experienced home educator. I love to read, write, and occupy the passenger seat on road trips. Life is an adventure! Come ride along!

Karla has an animal loving daughter (and has now given me something to put on the list of things my children would love) and recently went on a wild moose chase (yup, you read that right) and discovered, if you give a moose a pear, chances are he'll keep wandering around the neighborhood looking for more. ;)

Head on over to pay Karla a visit...and tell her Mama sent you!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Five Question Friday! 9/24/10

Before I say anything more...I need to wish my Dad a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Looking forward to kielbasa, french fries, and corn on the cob. ;) Love ya!!

Carrying on...

Um...did anyone see where the last week went? No, scratch that...did any see where September went? Holy Hannah!! It's almost the end of September, and I still feel like it shouldn't be any later than June!

I mean, didn't the kids just get out of school? Certainly they can't already be nearly a month into the new school year already, can they?!

Anyway, if anyone finds my lost time, will you please return it? I'd greatly appreciate it.

Sooooooo glad it's Friday! So, so, so glad! Oh, and even more glad that I came home to a clean house! I have the best husband in the whole world. He's a saint...and I am one blessed woman!

Let's get this 5QF show on the road!

Welcome, everyone, to 5QF!! If you've never played along, join in the fun!! You'll enjoy it, I promise...pinky swear promise!

Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then c'mon back (tomorrow morning) to link up!! Feel free to leave your answers in the comments below if you don't have a blog!

Questions for Friday, September 24th: (Special thanks to Colleen [no blog], inspiration from Pam, Tiffany, Angelina, and Jill for their question suggestions! If YOU would like to be linked in a future 5QF, c'mon over to my community and offer up your best question suggestions!!)

1. If you could speak with a different accent, what would it be (i.e Australian, Scottish)?

2. Can you fall asleep anywhere? (i.e floor, couch, deck)

3. Do you use public restrooms? If so, do you sit on the toilet?

4. If you were stuck in an elevator for 24 hours, what celebrity would you most want to be stuck with?

5. Where did you & your significant other go on your 1st date?


1. If you could speak with a different accent, what would it be (i.e Australian, Scottish)?

I would love, love, love to have...well...any accent other than this goofy Fargo-esque MinneSOOOOOta accent that I have.

I do think, however, that a fancy Scottish brogue...or a hip Aussie accent...or, gee...even a nice English accent would be nice.

Mr. Wonderful spent 5 months Australia, before I knew him. Oh *groan* what I would do now to hear him talk with the Aussie accent he came back with.


*fans self*


*takes cold shower*

Ahem...yeah. That'd've been awesome.

2. Can you fall asleep anywhere? (i.e floor, couch, deck)

Uh uh.


No way.

No how.

It's impossible. I've gotta be in my bed, snuggled under the covers, nice and warm. Can't fall asleep with the kids, can't fall asleep on the couch, certainly can't fall asleep on the deck.

If only. Gosh...that sounds dreamy. (Pun intended.)

3. Do you use public restrooms? If so, do you sit on the toilet?

Well, yes. I do.

I have 5 kids, and on any given outing, it's likely that I'll hear "I need to go potty!!!!" several times, and while I'm certainly not against having my kiddos pee on the tire of the van (or, you those of my kids that actually can pee on a tire...), at some point I usually have to take one (or five) of them potty.

No, I lied. My 14 year old is self sufficient. He takes himself potty.

When I, myself, find the "urge" calling...I hover. 'Cept I'm finding that the old thigh muscles aren't what they used to be and it's getting harder and harder to perch myself the couple of inches above the toilet seat.

It's hard getting old. It means you actually hafta sit on public toilets.


4. If you were stuck in an elevator for 24 hours, what celebrity would you most want to be stuck with?

Oh gosh. Um...hmmmmm...

Lemme think. *thinking*

While I'd like to say some hunky movie star...I wouldn't. I've got all the hunk I need in my Mr.

So, I'm gonna go with a comedian. Someone who would keep my laughing and entertained and completely fun to be stuck with for 24 hours.

But...I don't really know who to say...Ellen? Jay Leno? Jim Gaffigan? (Is he a celeb?) That Chelsea Lately chick?

I dunno...I don't keep up with pop culture. Maybe I should just pick some hunky movie star. It'd be so much eas...


That's it.

End of story.

5. Where did you & your significant other go on your 1st date?

Awww...warm fuzzy memories forthcoming...

We went to a nice little restaurant called "D.B. Searle's", where I ordered a Chicken Cesar Salad and declared it to be the perfect first date meal...not messy, girly, fills you up without making you look like a pig.

Self conscious much?

Funny story about our first date...

After I tried on every imaginable outfit I had, I was waiting for him to come pick me up (late, as is his style...) when about the time he should have been there, my roommate and I hear this obnoxious, overly loud, bass thumpin' music comin' down the road.

I shot her a look that said, "OH, don't even tell me!!!" and my "perfect bubble" of the good ol' country boy burst. But, it reformed shortly thereafter when the bass thumpin' car kept on going, and a few minutes later my date showed up, handsome as can be...and sans annoying music!!

Praise the Lord!! I'm not sure I could've gone on that date, had that music been from him!


And that, my friends, wraps up this week's edition of Five Question Friday!!


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